CAPSTONE Executive Development Course

The National Defense University offers a unique, optional program for spouses of CAPSTONE Fellows. It is offered in conjunction with the final week of the CAPSTONE Course at NDU.

Course Goal

The focus of the Executive Development Program is centered around international regional issues, with additional discussions on military family policy and issues, and health, diet and nutrition. The goal is to increase the participants’ understanding of these issues and enhance their effectiveness as partners with their general/flag officer spouses.

Course Objectives

  • Increase awareness and understanding of international regional issues
  • Increase understanding of the DoD, joint operations and the State Department.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of military family policy issues
  • Provide education on wellness, ethics and communications
  • Develop a network of general/flag officer spouses

Topics & Activities

  • Meet with the President, National Defense University
  • Joint Operations – a better understanding
  • Presentation by OSD Director for Military Community & Family Policy
  • Session on Health, Diet & Nutrition
  • Regional Issues: Sessions on Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa,  and China and the Pacific
  • Roundtable discussion with Spouses of Service Chiefs
  • Participate in “Open Forums” where areas of mutual concern are discussed and ideas are shared
  • The spouse of a retired senior military officer administers this program.