Provided by NDU:

Sleep medication (Ambien) will not be prescribed by the NDU Command Surgeon.  If Capstone Fellows anticipate that they will require sleep medications to help them adjust to a new time / schedule, we recommend that they discuss and obtain those medications from their primary medical provider.  Historically, a prescription of 10 to 12 doses of Ambien (5mg or 10 mg) has been prescribed to Capstone Fellows traveling to EUCOM, AFRICOM, CENTCOM, or PACOM.  Historically no Ambien has been prescribed for Capstone Fellows traveling within the Western Hemisphere.  

Class 23-3 requirements


  • Malaria Prophylaxis, if required by the CoCom, will NOT be provided by NDU, please arrive with the required doses.
  • Bring your own insect repellent and sunscreen and hand sanitizer
  • Bring 5 weeks worth of any personal medications

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Click here for WHEM requirements (YELLOW FEVER REQUIRED)

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 ** Questions concerning the immunizations can be referred to the NDU Physician’s office at 202-685-4750 **