Many of the overseas countries/areas we visit request immunizations.  Please be sure to obtain the below immunizations prior to your arrival to CAPSTONE.  There will be a doctor or nurse on each OCONUS trip.

Obtain vaccinations prior to your course start date. Most vaccines require a minimum of two weeks to achieve a desired effect and Hepatitis A and B require multiple doses.

Provided by NDU:

  • Malaria chemoprophylaxis, if required, will be prescribed by the NDU Command Surgeon and hand-delivered to Capstone Fellows on the day of departure for the overseas field studies.

*Sleep medication (Ambien) will not be prescribed by the NDU Command Surgeon.  If Capstone Fellows anticipate that they will require sleep medications to help them adjust to a new time / schedule, we recommend that they discuss and obtain those medications from their primary medical provider.  Historically, a prescription of 10 to 12 doses of Ambien (5mg or 10 mg) has been prescribed to Capstone Fellows traveling to EUCOM, AFRICOM, CENTCOM, or PACOM.  Historically no Ambien has been prescribed for Capstone Fellows traveling within the Western Hemisphere.  

CLICK HERE for documentation from the NDU Health Directorate that can be provided to your primary medical provider regarding sleep medication.  

Class 20-2 requirements


  • Malaria Prophylaxis and self-treatment travel medications (e.g. traveler’s diarrhea) will be provided by NDU
  • Bring your own insect repellent and sunscreen and hand sanitizer
  • Bring 5 weeks worth of any personal medications

Please click here for 20-2 requirements

* Note on Required DOD Vaccines: Medical sources recommend these vaccinations if staying in a country for “prolonged periods” of longer than 2 weeks. Given CAPSTONE’s extremely short period of exposure within these countries, vaccination is recommended but will not prevent entry.  

 ** Questions concerning the immunizations can be referred to the NDU Physician’s office at 202-685-4750 **