• LOA will be sent with itinerary info and will be cross org'd to active duty only
  • DTS Lodging Flag:  select L7, Conference or Event
  • Select CapstoneFellow routing list on digital signature page
  • All lodging $0
  • All locations on provided itinerary must be on order
  • Flights to and from DC only, Capstone to coordinate within course travel
  • Once LOA is available, spouses can use it, see spouse page

Further Details Below

All Coast Guard/Reserve/NGB and all Civilian Fellows must arrive with orders.  Reserve/Guard and Civilian vouchers must be settled by your respective organizations.  See our Coast Guard / Reserve / National Guard and Civilian Fellows page for more information.

All active duty orders and vouchers are required to be completed using the Defense Travel System (DTS). You will be provided an itinerary no later than 2-3 weeks before the start of your respective course. All stops on your itinerary must be reflected in your DTS order.  Return flights should not be scheduled before 1600 on the last day of class.  Capstone will fund Friday night’s lodging if a Sat departure is required.  Book roundtrip tickets so the government gets the best possible price.

Local (DC Metro area) Fellows: 

You have a choice with your orders, you can do one order, or two (you can't collect per diem while the class is in DC and you go home every night).

1 order:  For travel outside of DC only, 1st Wed of course (when we leave for Suffolk, VA) through the Sat that ends the OCONUS trip.  Make sure the weekend per diem between the two trips is zero'd - as you will be staying at home.  Only disadvantage to 1 order is your can't file your voucher until both trips are complete.

2 orders: CONUS only (Suffolk, VA through Scott AFB) and OCONUS (weeks 3 and 4).  The only advantage to two orders is you can file your CONUS voucher before you leave OCONUS (most don't have time).

Out of town Fellows: 

You will have one order for the full course.

Coast Guard / Reserve / Guard / Civilians: 

Capstone is not budgeted to pay your TDY costs. Please provide a set of orders once completed (but no later than the first day of class.)


Lodging should be $0 on all orders, Capstone will pay this separately.  Within course travel (CONUS and OCONUS trip) will be coordinated by Capstone (milair, use 0800 for a daily departure).  Transportation to and from Fort McNair/Andrews AFB is not provided.  Rental car is a unit funded expense.


  • Capstone coordinates all within course travel via milair.  If you live outside Washington, DC, the ONLY ticket you must coordinate it to Washington before the course starts, and home from Washington when the course ends.  We coordinate all other travel (so you don't need an airline ticket to Suffolk, VA; Key West, FL; Miami, FL, etc.).
  • NDU does not reimburse airline tickets from the Norfolk or Camp Lejeune/Fort Bragg area due to their high cost (if tickets are $500 or less roundtrip, Capstone will fund).  Capstone will reimburse 2 days of a rental car, or POV mileage, in lieu of these tickets.

(Reserve, NGB, USCG and Civilian see above)**

Orders and Vouchers

  • Capstone will provide Cross Organization (CrossOrg) funding 2-3 weeks before your course start date
  • How does Cross Org work?  Click here for Cross Org Funding info
  • Out of Town Fellows must provide a unit LOA for below unit funded expenses.
  • Fund Cites are not provided.

Expenses Covered by NDU

  • all lodging (all should be $0 in DTS, we pay with a CBA)
  • all per diem for course dates
  • airline tickets to and from Washington DC (All travel within the course is coordinated by NDU)
  • taxi fees to and from airports only

Expenses Covered by Fellow’s Unit/Service

  • all rental cars and fuel
  • excess baggage
  • phone calls
  • internet usage fees
  • hostile fire / combat tax exclusion pay if applicable
  • home airport parking (Capstone will reimburse if airport parking is cheaper than taxi to/from airport, add info to DTS orders for review)