In preparation for course discussion and especially the Joint Operations Module (JOM), click each:

Class 24-2

Civ Mil Relations Prep (updated 4 Jan 24)
Global Military Integration – Executive Summary for Capstone Fellows 
Command Senior Enlisted Leader (CSEL) 
Developing Todays Joint Officers for Tomorrow's Ways of War (JCS Vision and Guidance for PME and Talent Management)
Systems Destruction Warfare - RAND
Military in a Democracy (1 hour YouTube video discussion with Gens Mattis, Dunford and Kelly, USMC, Part of the George Washington Presidential Library's Symposium "The Great Experiment: From the Founding to the Future.")
Military Guide to the US Embassy

Joint Operations Module specific:


Additional resources:

Joint Staff J-7 (Joint Force Development): Joint Electronic Library Plus (JEL+) is a NIPRNET/SIPRNET web portal (CAC/PIV accessible) that sustains JS J-7, JED’s mission supporting the Joint Doctrine development and distribution process by providing reference resources and continuous updates of all Joint Publications, Air Land Sea Application (ALSA) publications, and terminology within the DOD Dictionary, as well as maintaining the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) required for joint readiness reporting and training, and more.  The JEL+ presents authoritative search results in a unique, tabbed format that allows the user to view search results for all of the above categories (and more) on one screen and make connections to their search topic.

Additional Joint Force Development linkages and files are provided to include individual tabs, resources, and files for: Education, Training, Lessons Learned, Concepts, and JS Leadership

SIPR link (requires token): / NIPR link (requires CAC/PIV):


Other readings of interest:

  • New Directions in US National Security Strategy, Defense Plans and Diplomacy 
  • DoD Strategic Guidance Jan 2012
  • The Armed Forces Officer