All military and civilian personnel who attend Capstone must have a valid official (burgundy/brown) passport:

  • Capstone only travels on official government passports (burgundy/brown), NOT diplomatic (black) or tourist (blue).
  • must not expire until at least six months after completion of the course (visa requirements)
  • must contain, at a minimum, 5 blank pages (front and back) for visa requirements
  • If you do not have at least 5 blank pages, you must submit your passport to have pages added before you come to CAPSTONE.
  • If you do not have a valid official passport, you must apply or renew at your current location.
  • Passport number and expiration dates are due with your class registration.

Official government passports must be mailed to NDU ahead of your attendance for us to have time to get visas.  If you are stationed OCONUS and you do not have a tourist passport to travel to Capstone, you will be put on the OCONUS trip that requires the least amount of visas.  There might be an occasion where you will need to apply for and obtain a tourist passport before coming to Capstone.  If we do not have enough time to get your visas, you will have to be scheduled for a future class after you have obtained a tourist passport to leave your OCONUS location.


Capstone will obtain any and all visas required for OCONUS travel. We will send out visa applications 5-6 weeks before each class start date.  All visas and SIGNED official government passports must be returned by the due date established for each class (will be included in your welcome packet).  Capstone has a short amount of time to get multiple visas so please give these packets your quick attention.  Your passports will not be returned before your class starts.  Please plan official TDY to be able to accommodate these sensitive timelines (could be up to 2 months before your start date)

*visa photos:  must be passport photo quality (2x2 inch), civilian clothes, white background, no smiling, not older than 6 months.  If you have extra passport photos and they are the SAME photo on your current official passport, AND your official passport is more than 6 months old, you can't use those extra pictures - please take more current pictures for your visas.