Enterprise is the only car rental company to service Andrews AFB.  Capstone will send you information on how to rent a car as part of your course preparation materials.

  • Capstone will send out Enterprise reservation forms with the DTS orders info.  Please do not attempt to make Enterprise reservations in DTS - Andrews AFB is not listed as a rental location.  You eventually will have 3 reservations...pickup at your arriving airport and drop off at Andrews AFB when we depart on your CONUS trip, pickup and drop off at Andrews AFB between your CONUS and OCONUS trips, and pickup at Andrews AFB upon returning from OCONUS with a drop off at your departing airport upon graduation.  Don't worry, the reservation form will explain in detail.  
  • You should put a $600 placeholder in DTS for this expense.  

Why all the rentals?  

We can use government transportation to get you to and from the hotel, but it is all use the bus, or all use rental cars.  We can’t authorize a rental car for anyone if transportation (a bus) is provided.  We have found that all having rentals, although more costly to the government, is preferred by the Fellows.  This is a unit funded expense.  If your unit won’t fund it, may I suggest you call someone on the list you know to catch a ride.