Capstone is reserved for previously approved SES level, non service civilians only.   Please contact Bonnie Swanson for approval process.


$18,000 student fee must be paid by your organization, plus funding of your orders. Lodging is provided. 

Getting Here

If you are traveling from outside the DC area, your organization is responsible for your travel expenses to and from DC. Capstone will provide you draft travel vouchers that you will submit back to your organization for processing. 

Lodging and Course Travel

Capstone will provide your lodging and transportation during course travel. All reservations for both trips will be made for you (lodging and military airline reservations). Perdiem: Regardless of where you are traveling from to attend the course, (local or outside the metro area) your organization will be required to pay all of your perdiem. 


Civilian: You must arrive to Capstone with some type of orders / authorization from your organization to attend the course. This is required to facilitate your military airline travel. Any type of orders that your organization uses is acceptable. 

Reserve/NGB: You must arrive to Capstone with orders from your reserve organization to attend the course. 

USCG: You must arrive with orders from your organization. 

Security Clearance

Your clearance must be sent in accordance with the directions under Security Clearance on this site. 

Spouse Course

Spouses are more than welcome to attend the Executive Development Course. However, Capstone does not spouse fund travel to/from the course. 

Civilian Dress Code

See Packing List for uniform conversions.