Q:  Do I have to stay at your contract hotel? 
A:  No, but if you choose another hotel, your unit will have to pay lodging and any additional charges (our contract includes city and county tax, parking, luggage storage and internet).  Capstone promotes networking and bonding, which can’t be done if everyone stays at different hotels.

Q:  Do I have to make my own Cambria/hotel reservations? 

A:  Capstone will make all your lodging reservations.  Please confirm your needs/dates that Capstone will forward about 4-5 weeks before class starts.

Q:  Do you provide transportation from the hotel to NDU and to Andrews AFB?  

A:  Capstone provides transportation to/from NDU and Andrews.  

Q:  Is Capstone conducted in DC?

A:  Capstone is conducted in DC, but also includes a 10 day CONUS trip and a 2 week OCONUS trip.  Capstone will forward a DTS itinerary of any and all trips.

Q:  Do I need to reserve a room/book airline tickets to all of the Capstone locations we will be visiting?

A:  Capstone will make all your hotel reservations.  Please be sure your orders have $0 for lodging.  Capstone pays all lodging with a corporately billed account.  Capstone will also coordinate military air for all trips within the course.  Daily departure times should be OTHER, 0800 in DTS.

Q:  Why are rental cars not authorized until the last week?  

A:  Capstone is only on campus 3-5 days during the first 2 weeks of the course.  The hotel is 2 blocks from Fort McNair so a rental car is not necessary for Capstone official business.  If your command requires you to do official business, please indicate that on your orders and assign rental car expenses to your command.  **Rental cars are not authorized to 'run errands, get a haircut, go snack shopping, pick up your spouse from the airport, go out to dinner with friends,' etc.  Please review the DTS/DOD policies - many get a rental car that they end up paying out of pocket for as we have no documentation of official business use.**

Q:  Do I have to make my own flight reservations to all these locations?

A:  No, Capstone travels via military air, and we make all these reservations.  Please just coordinate flights to and from DC only.

Q:  I am local, can I leave my POV to Andrews AFB while on travel?

A:  Yes, there is a large DV parking lot right at the Passenger Terminal.

Q:  Where can I do laundry?

A:  There will be limited opportunity to do laundry.  Each hotel we visit has laundry facilities, but they are limited.

Q:  When can I get a haircut?

A:  Your day off in Tampa (first Sun of the course) and when you return to DC.  This goes without saying, but get a haircut before you arrive.

Q:  Can I bring my electronics?

A:  You can bring anything you can carry.  Electronics are prohibited from all classrooms since most are SCIFs.  Sometimes that means leaving them unattended on an outside table.  Capstone escorts will not carry your electronics.  SIPR tablets/cell phones won't be allowed anywhere outside of the NCR/NDU.  We can secure them for you.

Q:  I have an important meeting to attend while in Capstone.  Who needs to know?

A:  Capstone has a no absense policy.  For personal functions, the Senior Director is the only one that can excuse you.  For official events, Capstone will check with your GOMO/Flag Matters/organization to get Service Chief level concurrence that the event is more important than Capstone.

Q:  What is Class B for me?

A:  Please refer to our Packing List page under our All You Need to Know page.

Q:  When can my boss get a copy of the detailed schedule?

A:  When it is ready to send to the whole class.  Our speakers are Service Chiefs and CoComs, it takes a while to schedule them all.

Q:  How much luggage can my boss bring?

A:  As much luggage as your boss wants to carry.  Each person is responsible for their own luggage loading/unloading.  Any luggage not needed on CONUS or OCONUS will be stored by Capstone.

Q:  Where can my boss check SIPR/NIPR?  I will have things for him/her to sign.

A:  There is no SIPR or NIPR access for Fellows during Capstone.  We do have an internet cafe they can check web based programs.  Opportunities are very limited to catch up to them for signatures.  Of the five weeks of this course, 4 are on the road, moving almost daily.  Please contact the Capstone office for emergencies and we can assist if possible.  Sometimes it is not possible.