Capstone is 33 days long (or 3 weeks during COVID), please plan to pack appropriate numbers of underclothes / socks / PT gear, etc.

Laundry options:  few and far between on each trip, available in DC, Suffolk, Tampa and Omaha (but with 50 on the trip, and other hotel guests, best of luck....)

If it's not listed, you don't need it

What is Class A and Class B for my service?  Click here

Washington DC (while at NDU/Fort McNair)

Army: Class B (any authorized color/style)

Air Force: Class B (any authorized color/style)

Navy: Khakis

Marine Corps: Service B or C, as appropriate 

Coast Guard: Tropical Blue or Winter Dress Blue

Civilian:  Coat and Tie 


CONUS Travel

Military: BDU/ACU/NWU/ODU/OCP, flight suits, OR khakis.  Any scheduled social functions during this trip will require business casual.

Civilians: Dockers and an open collared shirt.  Some briefing rooms might be chilly so a light coat or sweater might be useful.

Business Casual:  open collar with dockers/slacks.

OCONUS Travel 

(All the below is possible.  We might not know exact requirements until after your class starts):

Military:  Class A, Class B, BDU/ACU/NWU/ODU/OCP, khakis, coat and tie, AND business suit. (USN: Summer Whites AND Service Dress Blues (SDB) might be required).  FLIGHT SUITS ARE NOT AN AUTHORIZED FIELD OCONUS UNIFORM (but are allowed for travel only on the aircraft).

Civilian:  Business Suit, Coat and tie, business casual, dockers and an open collared shirt.

Expect to wear each uniform 3-4 times during your OCONUS trip.

What cover / hat / headgear is required?  Beret / garrison cover.  Barracks cover, Service cap, or any other dress cover / hat / headgear is NOT required (unless required for your service).