Classroom Seminars

Classroom presentations by distinguished guest lecturers examine topics such as: U.S. strategic interests; threats to U.S. national security; the intelligence community and its capability to monitor the threat; the formulation of national security policy; strategic/operation planning; command responsibility; military and Congress; joint/combined operations; defense structure, issues, and organization; foreign policy; and military strategy at various levels. Topics include:  CJCS Overview National Strategy Information Warfare National Security Strategy Formulation State Department and American Foreign Defense Emerging National Security Issues Joint Operations Intelligence Integration Total Force Policy Defense Resourcing

Local Area Field Studies

The objective of the local area studies is to provide Fellows with a better understanding of principal national security agencies in the Washington area. Emphasis is placed on meeting with the Service chiefs, agency heads and Joint Staff directors. Local area studies are spread throughout the course. Briefs could include:  Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, USA Chief of Staff, USMC Commandant, Chief of Navy Operations, USAF Chief of Staff, USCG Commandant, DHS, FEMA, USAID, US Treasury, CJCS, VCJCS, etc.

CONUS Field Studies

The objective of the CONUS field studies is to ensure Fellows increase their understanding of the Unified Commands headquartered in the U.S. discussions with Combatant Commanders are included in this portion of the course. CONUS travel is via military air (commercial charter or military aircraft). Seven days of the course are devoted to CONUS field studies (not including the Joint Operations Module).

Commands visits could include:  Joint Interagency Task Force South, Key West; FL U.S. Southern Command in Miami, FL; U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Central Command at MacDill AFB, FL; U.S. Strategic Command at Offutt AFB, NE; North American Aerospace Defense Command/U.S. Northern Command and U.S. Space Command at Peterson AFB, CO and U.S. Transportation Command at Scott AFB, IL

Joint Operations Module/

Joint Operations Module (JOM) is a four day course of instruction conducted at the J7's south campus is Suffolk, VA. Its purpose is to enhance the Fellows comprehension of and appreciation for joint doctrine and the Joint Operational Art through a program of instruction that uses the life cycle of a Joint Task Force (forming, planning, deployment, employment, transition, and redeployment) as the training vehicle. The learning strategy is built around seminars and small group interactive practical exercises that emphasize critical Joint Force Commander issues and lessons learned. Senior Mentors, observer/trainers, and various subject matter experts will support the Fellows in their efforts.

OCONUS Field Studies

Overseas field studies offer the opportunity to explore theater/regional security concerns, U.S. and allied/friendly nation capabilities and theater training and preparation for war. The class is divided into three groups for travel: Europe, Southwest Asia, Pacific and the Western Hemisphere. Discussions with Combatant Commanders, ambassadors and other senior foreign military leaders on joint planning and operations, war fighting capabilities, and key issues facing the commands and regions highlight this phase of the course. In addition, several cultural events are scheduled to give the class a flavor of cultural importance of the countries being visited. These cultural events are scheduled by the US Embassy and are considered an official part of the Capstone curriculum. Attendance at each event is required.