Want to know more abut the CoComs you will visit on the CONUS trip?

Capstone will not have copies of these publications.  They are meant for easy pre OCONUS trip downloading for reference to iPads, tablets, laptops, etc.



20-1 Europe Trip Book - part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4

20-1 Indo PACOM Trip Book - part 1    part 2    part 3    part 4

20-1 SWA Trip Books (updated 17Sep)    click here for part 1    click here for part 2


What Are Usually In The Trip Books?

  • Ambassador’s Biography
  • Culture Gram   
  • BBC Country Profile  
  • BBC Country Timeline  
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Department of State Mission Resource Request (when available)  
  • US Relations With [Country]   
  • JTF Info (Commander’s bio, mission, fact sheet) if applicable  
  • COCOM Information  
  • Commander’s Bio  
  • Posture Statement to Congress  
  • Other fact sheets as available