Carns, Victoria - USAF


Born in New York City and reared in Washington D.C., Victoria Carns graduated from Maryland University with a Masters in Education.  She taught in the Montgomery County School System for ten years, spent an additional several years in Hong Kong working at the American Consulate and worked on a doctoral degree during her Air Force years. 

Victoria married into the Air Force life in 1973.  Following the birth of their daughter Michelle, born in Spain, and a son Marc, later born in Belgium, there were several tours in the United Kingdom.  They then returned to the U.S. in 1979 with rotations at both Myrtle Beach and Nellis AF Bases.  While in Nevada Victoria became a member of the Nevada State National Disaster Team, and then returned to teaching at the Language Lab when they were stationed at MacDill AFB, Florida.  

In 1984, assignments took them to Hawaii (Hickam AFB), and then overseas to the Philippines (Clark AFB) where Victoria undertook an assignment working with MEDEVAC teams and other medical teams in the region.

The Carns family was then reassigned to Hawaii for a second tour after which Victoria and her husband, Michael, finished off their active duty life with a five year tour at the Pentagon.

For more than forty years, Victoria (an accredited teacher), has taught both children and adults, instructing in classrooms around the world.  Throughout her Air Force years, she was a volunteer in countless activities.

Since here husband’s retirement from the U.S. Air Force in 1994, she has been a volunteer at the Blind and Low Vision Center, a teacher at the Forest Hill Retirement Home, a volunteer ambassador for the local Chamber of Commerce and a graduate of the Citizens’ Police Academy in Pacific Grove, California where they reside.

The Carns’ daughter, Michelle, is a USAF Lt Col and commands the 338th Squadron, "the Dark Knights”, Keesler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi. Their son, Captain Marc Greco Carns, USAF, is the Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, 71st Wing, NSA, Fort Meade, MD. 

Hobbies:  Reading, photography, home crafts, and gardening.