Uniform Requirements:  if it's not listed, you don't need it

Washington DC Briefs

Army: Class B (SS/LS white shirt with blue trousers/skirt, tie as appropriate, beret)
Air Force: Class B (SS/LS blue shirt with blue trousers/skirt, tie as appropriate)
Navy: Khakis
Marine Corps: Service B or C, as appropriate (SS/LS khaki shirt with green trousers/skirt)
Coast Guard: Tropical Blue or Winter Dress Blue
Civilian:  Coat and Tie 
Graduation Dinner and Other Socials:  Coat and tie for men; equivalent for women

CONUS Travel:

Military: BDU, ACU, NWU, ODU, flight suits, OR khakis.  Several social functions during this trip will require civilian casual clothing.
Civilians: Dockers and an open collared shirt.  Some briefing rooms might be chilly so a light coat or sweater might be useful.

Civilian Casual:  open collar with dockers/slacks.

OCONUS Travel (all the below is possible.  We won’t know exact requirements until after your class starts):

Military:  Class A, Class B, BDU, ACU, NWU, ODU, flight suits, or khakis, coat and tie, AND business suit. (USN: Summer Whites AND Service Dress Blues (SDB) might be required).  
Civilian:  Business Suit, Coat and tie, business casual, dockers and an open collared shirt.
Expect to wear each uniform 3-4 times during your OCONUS trip.

What cover / hat / headgear is required?  Beret / garrison cover.  
Barracks cover, Service cap, or any other dress cover / hat / headgear is NOT required (unless required for your service).

What is Class A and Class B for my service?  Click here